Cash handling in checkouts

CashGuard's cash handling system and offers high quality turnkey solutions provide an efficient, safe and secure means of handling of cash. The system solves many of the problems encountered by traditional cash handling operations involving cash registers. For example, the time-consuming process of checking cash registers is no longer required and discrepancies with cash takings and shrinkage are eliminated. Opportunities for job rotation are improved and work-environment problems in the shape of nickel allergies are reduced.

CashGuard's cash handling system provides central information about the supermarket’s cash flow, which gives a comprehensive overview of cash logistics. The information can be used for checking the supermarket’s change and daily takings or its need to transport cash.

CashGuard's cash handling systems are flexible solutions that can be adapted to any outlet’s unique requirements. Today, many suppliers of checkout counters offer refitting kits and cash registers that are designed for the CashGuard systems.